High Regard

Words of Emotion

I basically cut mostly everyone off in texas even the people who meant the most to me because they showed me in a year they wouldn’t be worth it. They showed me there was no point in carrying on things that wouldn’t last. And to everyone I left I thank because my life is so much better without them and I should’ve realized it sooner but I was too fucked up

Anonymous was like: i'll give you hickeys god damn

Aha I have a girlfriend I’ll leave it up to her to do that

Give me hickey’s or kiss my neck and I’ll be your slave. My biggest fucking weaknesses ugh

So tell me the truth and what you’ve been lying about, you think I don’t know but I’ve got you figured out

It’ll be four months in a couple weeks.

If someone cheats on me I probably should care but I wont and it probably should hurt but it wont and that’s because I already knew in the back of my head it happened

Do I really mean that much?

Maybe if you gave me a chance to be there for you, you would see I am. But all you do is either pretend nothings wrong or tell me to fuck off as if I’m not trying at all.

And I can’t stop thinking about how much I love you. I fucking love you. I will spend the rest of my life screaming it if that means the distance will disappear. You are there, but I am here