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FtM problem:


I want to walk around in board shorts and no shirt but I can’t.

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Tumblr, we need you! A rogue Arizona State representative, John Kavanagh, wants to pass a bill that would thow trans people in jail for using public restrooms. Anyone could be asked for I.D. to “prove” their gender, and if there’s a discrepancy they could face a fine or jailtime.
When asked why the bill targeted trans people, Kavanagh explained that it’s because he thinks “they’re weird.” Outrageous.
We can stop this bill by taking action at www.allout.org/arizona and spreading the word far and wide. Will you help?

You guys please reblog this and spread this like wildfire. This is where I live and I would hate to see the trans people of my state not be abLE TO FUCKING PISS BECAUSE OF THE GENDER THEY IDENTIFY WITH


When I’m home alone it’s a choice of:

  1. Take selfies all around the house.
  2. Masturbate.
  3. Eat everything

Or all of the above.


Using the correct pronouns is just as important when the person isnt there to hear it.

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I’ve always had this
Crazy idea that when
You love someone
Enough, you don’t
Accept “no.”

Maybe that’s why I’m
Always the one throwing
Buckets of water on
An incinerating house
After the fire fighters
Have accepted defeat.

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how to deal with your kid being trans


1. buy them new clothes and other accessories to make them feel more comfortable
2. slam dunk the old clothes into the nearest donation center where they belong
3. respect your child’s identity and use whatever name and pronouns they want you to use

Funny how they wait ‘till you’re gone just to miss you. Kanye West (To the World)

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